Rejmyre Art Lab

Rejmyre Art Lab Website

Fabulous new multi-lingual website using perchCMS Rejmyre Art Lab
Studio TCS website

Studio TCS

A great little portfolio site for StudioTCS. StudioTCS Site
cementa website home image

Cementa 17 Festival

A Perch Runway site. Concept design by Fiona Hudson MISSLICKO.
Hatsbyrosieboylan web page shop for hats

Hats By Rosieboylan

gloria florez website

Gloria Florez Site

Gloria Florez. Environmental works. Lean Codeycms grid with the Perch. Asymmetric grids flip over in smaller screens. The featured video has a gorgeous score by Jasime Guffond!!
Ross Mullane Website

Ross Mullane Site

Using some nice dropdown images cascading as you scroll down. Ross's own primary palette provided design cues to pitch a punked up site with fat type and loud colour panels. Be bold. Love the big A.
The Menu Company Website shot

The Menu Company

Web development and product shots for the Menu Company
Nightwatch Artwork

Nightwatch Artwork

"Nightwatch" is possibly the highest public artwork in QLD on top of the new Taxation Dept building at 55 Elizabeth st. Brisbane. The large LED screen was engineered by Urban Art Projects Robyn Backen's work weaves text from Beatrice Warde (1900-69) a typographer of the early 20th century. Animation was created in After Effects by Ian Hobbs
Tent Embassy Motion Graphics

Tent Embassy Motion Graphics

Tent Embassy names sequence. Commissioned by the Sydney Opera House for Message Sticks 2012. The process of animation was a generative AS3 code animating over 300 sprites in After Effects. Tent Embassy
Rosieboylan site

Rosie Boylan Site Our newest site design by Mirriam Mcwilliam and developed in Wordpress.
Robyn Backen website

Robyn Backen Site

Robyn Backen site uses the CodeyCMS system to catalogue and archive 20 years of Robyn Backen's Art practice. Also features a tumblr news section for quick content production. Media is managed by the media CMS.
Motion graphics ACPET

ACPET Video and Motion Graphics

2012 ACPET 20th Anniversary Titles Credits include videography and title design.
Burragorang site

Burragorang site

Alison Clouston and Boyd's Burragorang sites uses CodeyCMS to dynamically drive content. Features a mobile friendly slideshow and media manager backend.
Kendal Murray

Kendal Murray Site

Clean purposeful and minimal portfolio design with a touch of classical interface. Kendal site. Great work.