Website Optimisation

Site speed is critical for returning the highest value from your website. We can provide a full 38 point health check with analysis and recommendations to improve your site's delivery and speed.

  • Code

    Code Performance and Validation

    Bugs and inefficiencies in page code will slow down a browser. CSS Javascript and page code is tested.

    A score of 90% is your target.

  • Server

    Server Optimization

    Servers can be tuned to deliver the best performance. Choosing an appropriate server location can also have a big impact on page speed. Our audit examines server code and performace.

    Server tuning based upon your page metrics can improve campaign successes.

  • Screens
    Responsive images

    Responsive Tests

    Multiple responsive test are conducted to check if your site is working on different screens. Integrating your analyticics data with the responsive tests can uncover weaknesses in your design.

    Recomends your site performs on 5 screen sizes.

  • Report

    24 Metrics tested

    A fully documented report is delivered as a health check of your site. We will make reccomendations which you should take up with your webmaster or with us. The report will stand as a performance benchmark by which you can maintain for future references as your site changes over time.

    Your target is 90% across all categories and a 1 ~ 2 second page load conditional on the kind of website you are running.

Case Study: Dramatic Speed Reduction

Paddington Art Prize was performing badly. A load time of 26 seconds on the front page. Partially this was becasue a video was being pushed on every request. 96% of the sites audience was from Australia so there was no point maintaining the USA hosting.

We moved the site to Australia and re-arranged some of the content and added and new PerchCMS.


A comprehensive report and analyis of the key performance metrics of your website! 5 Categories of web performance are tested; Code, DNS, Server, Responsive and Stress Testing.

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